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7 Pro Tips for Designing an Effective Business Logo

Published Date: 2021-07-15

When you want to make an impression in the industry you’re venturing into, you know there are certain aspects of your business you can’t take lightly. You probably have a detailed business plan with a budget and long-term plan in place. But never underestimate the power of the creative side of setting up a company. Whether you’re running a tech company or starting a new restaurant, image is everything.  

You need to get creative picking your brand’s colors and creating the logo that will help you become a market leader. Yes, something as simple as a logo is vital in your future success so you need to think carefully about what image will represent you going forward. 

How to Design Your Logo

These days you don’t necessarily need a professional designer since you’ll find an online business logo maker to create the perfect professional look for your business. It is important however to use a professional approach while designing your logo and we’ve compiled the most important tips you can use as a checklist. 

Top Tips for Quality Logo Design

First, Know Your Business Inside Out

You can’t start the logo design process if you don’t know all the details about your intended business yet. If you simply pick a general image your logo will seem disjointed from the rest of your business goals, your values and your services. Wait until you know exactly what your business is about before you settle on your brand’s new image. 

This is why professional logo designers spend time learning about brands they work with. But if you want to dab around and since you have inside knowledge about your brand, you can easily use online tools to create an accurate, dynamic logo. 

Pick the Right Type

A logo doesn’t have to be an image. It can simply be your company name. This is often a smart approach for small businesses who won’t have a lot of capital to invest in marketing. You’ll get your name out there simply by using your logo. 

Alternatively, you can use a symbol and the fact that famous brands like Apple use this method means it can work. But you’ll spend more to get your brand recognized and associated with your name. If marketed correctly it can be a powerful image and even become a logo that people would want to wear or buy merchandise of. 

Be Smart About Colors and Fonts

Each color you pick will send a message to your audience. This is because colors carry meaning, such as red portraying power. This makes it a smart color to use if you want to become a market leader in a professional capacity. For restaurants you may pick colors associated with the type of food you serve, for example blue and white for seafood. 

Also don’t pick a font simply because you like it. It should suit your brand and not confuse people about your company’s personality. For example, a Serif font will be ideal if you want to seem relevant in the high-end market. If a font looks funky it may be associated with children, rock music or products targeted at the younger generation. 

Don’t Make it Too Complicated

Understanding what your business is about shouldn’t involve guess work. When you use words, colors and images correctly, your audience will know instantly what industry you belong to and what your values are. For example:
  • A logo’s shapes and bright colors can confirm your products are focused on children. 
  • Adding a globe to the design confirms that you trade internationally.
  • Using a typeface associated with professionalism can confirm you provide professional services.

Ensure You can Use it Almost Anywhere

The best way to get your brand known is to use your brand colors and your logo in as many places as possible. But it will only spark respect from your audience if that logo actually looks impressive where you place it, such as merchandise to gift to clients. Consider whether the logo you design will look as good printed small on a water bottle as it does on your letterhead.

In its Simplest Form it Must Still Wow the Audience

Since you’ll be using your logo in many places, know that you won’t always have color to help you bring across your brand message. Perhaps you’ll place a black and white printed ad in the paper or you’ll do a one color print on company T-shirts. Will the logo still make sense and be impressive in that form?

Your Audience Must Find it Memorable

While you’re in the design process, always consider if what you’re creating will be memorable. Is there a unique aspect of your logo that can’t be found in any of your competitors’ logos? In many cases, the key to being remembered is to keep it simple while having a logo that’s very appropriate for your niche. 


Once done with that design, after using these pro tips, do yourself a favor and test it or even a few versions of it if you can’t make up your mind. Ask your friends, your employees or even online forums which design comes out on top. 

Now you’re ready to conquer the market. 

Kris David 
A student by day and a wordsmith by night, Kris David works as a freelance blogger. He is currently pursuing a degree in Communications and relying on his freelance gigs to jumpstart his career in journalism.


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