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Online Payment Gateway in Nepal

Published Date: 2021-01-07

An international online payment gateway from Nepal although just started since the end of 2017 provides a safe, secure and easy payment solution. More and more successful merchants are using this online payment system in Nepal to increase their business potential!

Online payment gateway, the future of payments authorizes credit or in some gateways also debit card transactions. As we enter a more technological area more and more consumers just don’t have time to visit merchant shops or businesses for simple payments. By using an online payment gateway on your merchant website, customers and service consumers can easy make financial transactions from anywhere using their credit or debit card and the online payment gateway installed in the merchant website or e-commerce website. Many website design companies focus on installing a secure and safe payment gateway and more and more merchants are converting to e-commerce businesses.

An online payment gateway can not only increase your potential sales but always also for a user friendly experience with the customer. As more and more countries develop their banking systems, almost every country has at least one or two major banks that provide an online payment integration service such as Nepal.

What is an online payment gateway?

An online payment gateway allows customers to do direct financial payments using credit card by the internet, mostly used as a merchant service the payment gateway is installed by a website design company for e-commerce websites that want to increase revenue. Although it is also seen as an e-commerce application, many companies such as service providers use an online payment gateway in there website to allow for easy and safe payments for their services.

How does a payment gateway work?

Payment gateways or online payment gateways work in fast and safe way, by allowing consumers to pay directly using internet and their credit or debit card. By establishing an online gateway portal from an application or website to the bank the sharing of information and data becomes possible. By performing a transaction a security form needs to be filled in that only the card holder will know and the transaction can be made.

How can I get a payment gateway in Nepal?

To get an online payment gateway in Nepal you need to find a reliable website design company that can install payment gateways, the next step will be acquiring a merchant ID from the bank that provides online payment services. Every bank has their own policy of charges for this type of service, as so it is always recommended to study a few banks before accepting their proposals. Together with your website design company you can design the option of online payment for your website.

How much does a payment gateway cost in Nepal?

There are two costs involved for installing a payment gateway in Nepal, depending on your website designer who can charge in between $150 to $200 USD and the bank from where you choose to take a merchant ID. The bank will charge a yearly fee plus a charge per transaction made. It is best to do a research of at least two to three reliable banks and ask their quotations before ordering a merchant ID for your online payment gateway.

Is PayPal a payment gateway available in Nepal?

PayPal and PayPal payment gateways in Nepal are not available in Nepal, most people open a PayPal account through a relative or trustee living outside of Nepal. There are several reasons why Nepal does not yet allow PayPal, some are to do with specific compliance rules or political influences and imbalances. If you created a PayPal account in Nepal, it won’t work as Nepal as of yet does not allow the payment service provider to do transactions within and to outside the country.

Is Visa a payment gateway in Nepal?

Both Visa and MasterCard are both accepted credit cards for online payment gateways in Nepal. While using an online payment gateway, Visa Cards can be used to make a safe and secure transaction, for purchasing a service, goods or a financial transaction. While most consumers possess either a Visa or MasterCard, shopping or purchasing a service can be done by the comfort of home or your current location as long as you have internet or WIFI access.

How many types of payment gateway are there?

The four different types of payment gateways, Hosted payment gateways, Self-hosted payment gateways, API hosted payment gateways and a local bank integration. Hosted payment gateways are mostly used and will direct the consumer to a payment service providers page also known as the PSP page. One of the most well-known will be PayPal. Self-hosted payment gateways collect the payment details on the merchant’s website itself before sending them to the payment URL. Stripe is one company that powers self-hosted payment gateways for the well-known Shopify. An API hosted payment gateway is the most best for a merchant to interact in the customers payment experience, this system can be integrated in mobile or tablet devices and is very user friendly! Last local bank integration gateways will direct the customer to the bank’s payment page and after payment redirect back to the merchant’s website with a payment confirmation.

What are the best online payment service providers in Nepal?

There are about ten reliable online payment service providers in Nepal, some of the most renowned are: Esewa, Khalti, I- or Epay, IME Pay, Nabil or Himalayan bank and Qpay. In a list below we will describe 10 of the most used online payment gateways in Nepal.
  1. Esewa: operating since 2009, Esewa is a trusted and recognized internet payment service provider offering all type of online payment solutions.
  2. Khalti: Mostly know as an online payment provider for services as mobile balance recharging, bill payments and online ticket booking.
  3. Local bank: Currently there are two banks in Nepal who provide an online payment service, Nabil Bank and Himalayan Bank.
  4. Ipay: commonly used as an online payment service provider allows for easy payments of utility bills and mobile balance top ups.
  5. Qpay: While standing firm behind the slogan “Payment Simplified” Qpay has revolutionized the mobile payment option in to a user friendly and simple payment gateway or payment application.
  6. SCT MoCo: SmartChoice Technologies focusses on integrated payment systems compatible with ATM’s and mobile devices.
  7. nPay: An online payment service provider that works together with the banks for an easy setup of the payment gateway. Focusing on m-banking, e-banking and accepts credit and debit cards.
  8. IME Pay: known as the mobile payment service in Nepal, IME Pay allows its consumers to pay easy and safely by mobile. Payments such as utility bills, money transfers, mobile top up and even the withdrawal of cash at local IME agents is possible.
  9. ePay: Making payment easier is what ePay stands for, on E-payment or electronic payment system from where no bank account is needed, by placing various payment kiosks it allows for a fast and safe payment from cash to digital.
  10. PayWay: or also known as Pay Way Nepal is a basic online payment service provider that allows merchants to integrate a payment gateway in their website.
  11. Moru : Moru is a flagship digital wallet promoted by Pay Nep Private Limited (PNPL). The name Moru, can be conjured simply as achromous to Mobile Rupee. Thus, Moru targets to become a household name for the people of Nepal as an easy to use, easy to understand digital version of money.

    Since January 2020, Moru has been appealing to the people to start their digital lives, with free registration, free bill payments, free load and free bank transfer.

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Santosh Sigdel -- Looking to integrate a payment gateway for my upcoming website. Is there anyway u can help with this?

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Funuru Sherpa -- Hi this is Funuru Sherpa, I have a question about online payment, I’m going to have a Trekking business based in Nepal, and trying to find out how to get online credit card payment code so that I can integrate to my website, I have sent my Brother to Nabil bank and unfortunately they said to him that they don’t have the system, ( API) And on their website they’re saying that they do have online credit card,visa, MasterCard payment system. I think maybe the staff there might not have understood. So I hope you can understand my message. If you can give me some advice that would be much appreciate it. Thank you Regards Funuru Sherpa.

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