Grab the best marketing tactics and strategies in the market that will help you crack the success reason of top tourism businesses and aid you in flourishing your tourism business to the greatness that it was always meant to. 

Acquire renown travel partners in several countries like Unites States, Unites Kingdom, Canada, Australia etcetera which will take the name of your business to the next level and provide you the result of your effort and struggles as soon as it can get. 

Business success and proper business connections go hand in hand. For lucrative tourism business that lasts long, having proper business travel partners and agents is vital. If you own a travel business in less developed and prominent country that is yet to make a mark in this world, Business to Business tourism connection is even more crucial. This way you can reach global audience and customers. 

B2B tourism online course is intended to help those struggling with their business despite plenty of hard work and efforts. Even though you are trying your level best, minor mistakes on your part might be keeping your business from substantial growth.
 With the motive of  helping people solve this problem  , we bring to you B2B tourism course through which we are going to tutor you some corroborated systems and hacks that will work for your business just like it has been working form some of our most successful clients owning tourism business. 
  • Business Foresight and Market Intelligence
    • Introduction
    • New realities and their impact on B2B businesses 
    • Analyzing forces driving your competition
    • Getting customer insight
    • Internal organizational Assessment
  • B2B marketing Strategy Formulation and Development
    • Value creation models in B2B markets
    • Customer-driven innovation
    • B2B marketing strategy and planning
      • Website and Landing Page
      • Building Credibility
      • Sales funnel Design
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Linkedin Marketing B2B sales and lead generation
      • PPC Micro Location Targeting 
      • Email Marketing
      • Finding Influencers
  • Strategy implementation and Performance Management
    • Building Customer value propositions in a digital world
    • Implementing the strategy
    • Performance measurement and management
    • Putting the customer at the heart of your business
    • Personal Action Plan
Step 1
Fill the form below to book your seat for the “B2B Tourism Marketing Course”.

Step 2
Once you book your seat for the course, you will have to make a payment on either of the mentioned payment methods of your preference: Global IME Bank (deposit or online transfer), Esewa, Khalti, and IME Pay.

Step 3
After the payment is confirmed, you get to pick the training shift of your liking. Based on the class size you will be contacted and informed about the start date of the class. 

Step 4
By following the 5 days program, you will acquire proper knowledge, strategies, and tactics on the prevailing market to escalate your tourism business in the digital arena: Implementing the lessons inside the course and support from “Sitaram Rimal” and fellow participants, you can expect to manage and improvise your tourism business that has the potential to generate more than six figures of income. 

Step 5
After the completion of the 5-days “B2B Tourism Course” offered by Weblink Nepal, you will be awarded a certificate that showcases your expertise on online B2B marketing in Travels and Tours.

 Training Shift

Morning 6:00 AM to 7 :00 AM
Evening 9:00 PM to  10:00 PM

Total 5 hrs Training

B2B Tourism Marketing Online Training Cost NPR 5650/- ( Including VAT )

Payment Option
Global IME Bank
Account Name:Weblink Nepal IT Institute Pvt. Ltd.
Account Type   : Current Account 
Account Number  : 0101010006955
Branch : Kantipath
Esewa ID :
Khalti ID : 9851099764
IME Pay ID : 9851099764


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