Are you ready to conquer the world of social media? 🚀 Whether you're a budding marketer or a business owner aiming to boost your online presence, our 1-month Social Media Marketing Training is tailor-made for you!

Social Media Marketing


Introduction to Social Media
Social Media Marketing vs. Social Media Optimization
Benefits of using SMM
Social Media for Marketing

Facebook and Instagram

Understanding Facebook Algorithm
Building a facebook Business Page
Setting up a business page (designing cover photo, profile picture, page settings etc.)
Increasing Likes and engage in your page
Facebook Groups
Importance of Short Videos/Reels
Organic vs paid marketing
Creating and Managing Facebook Ads- Targeting, Budgeting, Creative
Boosting Page posts
Page promotion
Targeting Audience-Look Alike, Similar Group
Billing and Account
Performance Metrics
Analyzing results and taking actions


Introduction to LinkedIn
Creating and optimizing your profile
Building a professional Network
Creating Engaging Content
Creating and Managing LinkedIn Ads
Understanding LinkedIn analytics


Creating a Gmail account and Youtube channel
Understanding Youtube’s Algorithm
Creating Engaging Videos
Optimizing Video Title, description and meta tags for better reach
Verify Youtube channel
Custom Channel URL
Branding Watermark
Channel trailer
Featured contents on channel
Uploading videos
Video Thumbnail
Call to action
Post upload Engagements
Live Broadcasting
Managing Playlist and Comments
Monetization with Adsense
Channel Analytics


Why Tiktok?
Understanding TikTok Algorithm
Importance of short videos
Creating and editing short videos
Analyzing hashtags and trends for better reach
Measuring and analyzing Reach

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